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Salesforce User License Comparison Chart

Salesforce provides many different CRM functions, and prices each solution depending on features and functionalities. The following matrix depicts the different licensing levels of Salesforce products, as well as general permissions and features that are granted to users.

Important to note with Salesforce licensing levels are the limits in each category specific to applications and objects, as well as data storage and API calls. Often you may find the features and functions you need are available in one licensing level, but your need for more data capacity, custom objects, or API calls require the next level of licensing.

CRMCulture generally recommends that businesses consider investing in the licensing level that will accommodate their needs one year from now, to allow for easier growth and expansion. If you have any questions on the licensing matrix, or would like clarification of where your business needs intersect with Salesforce licensing levels, give us a call at (720) 536-8875.

The full chart is available here, or by clicking on the image below.