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This is a review of DB Sync for Salesforce, an available app on Salesforce.com's AppExchange that allows for synchronization of data between your Salesforce and QuickBooks systems.

Product Name:
DB Sync for Salesforce


Guy Bickel, Salesforce Practice Manager
Review Date:

Stated Purpose:
DBSync for Salesforce and QuickBooks provides easy synchronization for Accounts, Products, Opportunity Closed to Customer, Jobs, Products and Invoice, Estimate or Sales Order in QuickBooks. Note that this is based on the DB Sync general product and this review is for the DB Sync Salesforce template that they've designed.

Release Date:

$1495. There is a $795 "Pro" version for Standard Objects and a $1495 "Enterprise" version for custom mappings.

Cost Model:

App Exchange Link:

Support Information:
Each implementation a contact has been assigned to assist with the configuration. General support can be reached at support@avankia.com


Overall Rating: 4.2

Score: 5


The end results after the initial configuration works as promised and has demo'd very well. Bi-direction data flow to keep Quickbooks and Salesforce data in sync has worked nicely and is good for a baseline data conversion.

Score: 3

Ability to Configure

The ability to configure the data sync is very flexible and allows for mapping between the two systems. The lower ranking is due to the fact that it takes a lot of knowledge of the data structures and isn't something that the untrained person is going to be able to do. DB Sync support can be used to assist with that on new accounts. Note that if you want to map any custom objects you'll need to purchase the "Enterprise" addition. A historical data conversion is available from DB Sync for a flat $500 otherwise you'll only get new records as they are processed.

Score: 3


This is a web based application and at first glance it can be a little confusing and isn't intuitive. However, this is an developer interface and the end users won't see it.

Score: 5


The integration works as designed for the "Standard" objects (Accounts, Contacts, Opps, Invoices). The ability to modify the mappings and extend to custom objects and fields in the Enterprise edition is great.

Score: 5

Ease of Use

Once the product is installed and configured it is a "set it and forget it" application and the integration runs unattended as designed.

Known Issues or Limitations: None


About Guy Bickel
Guy has been consulting in ERP and CRM implementations since 1997. Guy’s current position of Salesforce Practice Manager allows him to meet with customers and identify solutions that will empower them to be more successful and profitable. In the last 17 years Guy has worked with numerous clients in different markets including Financial Services, Manufacturing, Distribution and the wide variety of businesses that have call centers. Guy works extensively with both Salesforce and Pivotal CRM platforms. Guy’s specialty is providing designs and solutions that adapt the CRM applications to the customers complex business needs. His deep ERP experience prior to working with Salesforce and Pivotal serves him well when designing these solutions that customers are solving with CRM.