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LinkPoint Connect for Microsoft Outlook and Salesforce

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Linkpoint 360 

LinkPoint connects Microsoft Outlook (or Lotus Notes) with Salesforce using a set of robust tools built into the Microsoft Outlook interface. While many Salesforce customers chose to use the out-of-box Salesforce for Outlook integration, there are some distinct advantages to LinkPoint. The primary advantages are centered around the elegance and streamlined user experience for linking emails, task and meetings. Linkpoint Connect also provides more than just standard linking capabilities between MS Outlook and Salesforce, it also allows users to quickly create contacts and leads in Salesforce by highlighting email signatures, view information on Account Opportunities (not just Contact Opportunities), allows for batch adding of emails to Salesforce, choosing which attachments to import and much, much more. CRMCulture highly recommends this solution to help drive a Culture of CRM Success for Outlook heavy organizations.

Rather than focusing on the installation, which is well documented and takes only a few minutes, we will focus on the three important elements of LinkPoint connect:

  • The Record to Salesforce button
  • The LinkPoint Vue window
  • Eliminating the need to update “Unresolved Items” in salesforce

Screenshot of Linkpoint 60

Record to Salesforce gives you the ability to manually sync up an email and is ideal for situations where you want to associate an email to many records in Salesforce. You can alter the subject or body of the email prior to importing into Salesforce, useful in differentiating between multiple emails with the same subject line. Also, you can create a follow up task or appointment from the same interface inside MS Outlook – a nice feature for Sales people wanting to stay organized.

The LinkPoint Vue displays Salesforce information on the Contact based on email but you can also view other Salesforce records using their search feature. You can change the content of the screen depending on your priorities; select from Salesforce objects appropriate for your role. For example, if you’re in Customer Service, you may wanted to see Case related items as opposed to Sales opportunity items. Further, view opportunities related to the account, not just related to that contact.  Within the LinkPoint Vue, you can easily toggle between events, tasks, cases & opportunities in context of the contact. Create an event or note, log a call for a contact and create opportunities right from Outlook. Cases can also be created using information from the email.

Also, from an Outlook email, you can drag and drop the signature content into the LinkPoint Vue, and create an Account, Contact or Lead record in Salesforce.

If you have used Salesforce for Outlook connector, you know that you often times have to link your Unresolved Items for activities/task and events in Salesforce; as there is currently no method of linking these while in Salesforce. Are your users complaining about the time it takes to link Unresolved Items? Even worse, do they know that they need to link Unresolved Items before they are tracked to the appropriate Contact, Account, or Opportunity? LinkPoint provides a much needed solution to linking Outlook To-dos from within the Outlook interface, as well as a significantly better user experience for linking Outlook Meetings to Salesforce.  This is a big win for LinkPoint, and we feel it in itself provides the necessary value to the justify purchase.

Other key features of LinkPoint Connect include:

  • Record inbound/Outbound emails to Salesforce
  • Create Tasks or Appointments when recording Emails
  • Jump right to a record in Salesforce from your email
  • Create new records in Salesforce from Outlook
  • Click-to-dial calling using VOIP from Outlook
  • Get maps and driving directions to your customers

Cost is $60/year per user, although volume discounting is available for 100+ users.

LinkPoint Connect works for MS Outlook 2013, 2010 and 2007 client and at all levels of (Contact Manager, Developer, Group, Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited and LinkPoint Connect is also certified to work within Citrix or Terminal server environments.

Online and Phone Support for Linkpoint Connect.

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